New Horizon English(I) -- Unit Three

Ⅰ. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

1. I hadn’t seen her for 20 years, but I her immediately as soon as I saw her.
A、met     B、having     C、making     D、showing
2. Jobs are hard to find. But in his , that’s not the problem because he has so much experience.
A、case     B、example     C、situation     D、place
3.  I think I’ll your advice and get the green dress.
A、receive     B、make     C、take     D、get
4.  I can’t find the word to express my feelings.
A、exact     B、just     C、true     D、obvious
5. The author gave reasons for having written the book.
A、natural     B、extreme     C、present     D、various
6.  I go I always seem to bump into him.
A、Whatever     B、However     C、Wherever     D、Somehow
7. It’s becoming to wear long hair again.
A、smart     B、fashionable     C、likely     D、present
8. I was speaking so loudly. I was that he didn’t hear me.
A、supposed     B、expected     C、affected     D、amazed
9. We were that he would accept my proposal so quickly.
A、sad     B、amazed     C、extreme     D、exact
10. He could not attend the important conference for reasons.
A、various     B、dangerous     C、humorous     D、curious

Ⅱ. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word given.

1.Our new products (differing) from the earlier ones in many ways.
2 The couple sent out wedding (invite ) to families and friends.
3.Mary was hurt by the(cold) in her boyfriend’s voice.
4.He wore a (smartly) suit with new shoes..
5.Even close friends (agree) sometimes.
6.You haven’t changed at all; you still look (exact) the same.
7.She found it(extreme) difficult to get a job in that city.
8. (obvious) , I didn’t want to put in too much time making friends.
9. I can hardly believe this(amaze ) story.
10. Their (argue) lasted 3 hours and finally an agreement was reached.

Ⅲ.Read the following passage and give the best answer to each question.


A farmer grew some vegetables in his garden. One day his wife was ill and he had no money. He had to sell some cabbages and carrots in the market. The next morning he took two baskets of vegetables to town. But it was raining hard that afternoon and there were few people in the street. When his vegetables were sold out, it was dark. He bought some medicine and hurried to his village.


On his way home he saw a person lying on the snow. He placed his baskets on the ground and was going to help the person to get up. At that time he found it was a dead man and there was much blood on his body. He was so afraid that he ran away quickly, without taking the baskets with him.


The next afternoon the farmer was sent to the police station. Having shown the baskets, an officer asked, “Are these yours?” “Yes, sir.” the farmer answered timidly. “Have you killed the man?” “No, no, sir.” the farmer said in a hurry. “When did you see the dead man?” “About seven last evening.” “Did you see who killed the man?” “No, sir.” The officer brought out a knife and asked, “Have you seen it yet?” “No, sir.” The officer became angry and told the policemen to beat him up and sent him into prison.


That evening the officer went on trying. Pointing to the knife, he asked again, “Have you seen it yet?” “Yes, sir.” The officer was happy and asked, “When and where?” “I saw it here this afternoon, sir.”

1.The farmer decided to sell the vegetables to _______.
A) buy some food for his family
B) buy some medicine for his wife
C) go to see a doctor
D) go to the cinema
2.The farmer didn’t sell out his vegetables until the evening because _______.
A) they were too bad
B) they were very expensive
C) it rained hard that morning
D) people wouldn’t go out on such a bad day
3.As _______, the farmer decided to help the person to stand up.
A) he was ready to help others
B) the person was one of his friends
C) he thought the person would thank him
D) he thought the person had drunk too much
4.The farmer ran away quickly because _______.
A) the policemen were coming towards him
B) his wife was waiting for him at home
C) he was afraid to see a dead man
D) it was so late that he couldn’t stay there any longer
5.The officer tried the farmer to _______.
A) know who had killed the man
B) know if he had seen the dead man
C) ask when he saw the dead man
D) ask if he had seen the knife