New Horizon English(I)-- Unit One

Ⅰ. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

1. How can I spend my money is my own _______, not yours.
A、business     B、opportunity     C、 reason     D、understanding
2. The first step you have to ______ is to decide what courses you are going to choose.
A、do     B、make     C、take     D、get
3. Ever since she was young, she has _______ herself a goal to become a doctor.
A、set     B、made     C、decided     D、had
4. I owe a _______ of thanks to George because his support helped me overcome that difficulty.
A、respect     B、responsibility     C、duty     D、debt
5. Many people are ready to help you, but, to some _______ you have to be on your own in most cases.
A、reason     B、extent     C、amount     D、goal
6. As teachers we often tell our students that they should have a ________ of responsibility.
A、meaning     B、ssense     C、certificate     D、opportunity
7. What I have said is that I want him to respect me as a _________ woman.
A、job     B、work     C、duty     D、career
8. You have to make a decision by yourself because you are _______ for your life.
A、prepared     B、honest     C、responsible     D、decided
9. You won’t be _________ to love your job if you don’t have an understanding of its importance.
A、likely     B、like     C、alike     D、liking
10. I’ll try to get an A on the examination and don’t want to ______my parents ________.
A、make…up     B、make…down     C、let…down     D、have…down

Ⅱ. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word given.

1. As teachers, we need to take (responsible) for looking after our students’ health.
2. After she (graduation ) from the university, Mary decided on teaching as her career.
3. I knew it was a difficult (decide) , but I decided to take a course in history.
4. Mr. Brown is a nice person, but he’s not much of a (think) .
5.I don’t know how to say it in French as I have only a limited (understand) of rench.
6.His parents died when he was three, so he had a(n) (happy) childhood.
7.Sally was reading to the children while Kevin (wash) up.
8.I felt quite (confuse) when I was first at college. I didn’t know what courses to take.
9.I deeply (respectful ) my English teacher for what she has done for me.
10.Not all students (true) know what they are going to learn when they take a course.

Ⅲ.Read the following passage and give the best answer to each question.


The United States is full of automobiles. There are still many families without cars, but some families have two or even more. However, cars are used for more than pleasure. They are a necessary part of life.


Cars are used for business. They are driven to offices and factories by workers who have no other way to get to their jobs. When salesmen are sent to different parts of the city, they have to drive in order to carry their products. Farmers have to drive into the city in order to get supplies.


Sometimes small children must be driven to school. In some cities school buses are provided only when children live more than a mile from the school. Where the children are too young to walk that far, their mothers take turns driving them to school. One mother drives on Monday, taking her own children and the neighbors’ children as well. Another mother drives on Tuesday, another on Wednesday, and so on. This is called forming a car pool. Men also form pools, with three or four men taking turns driving to the place where they all work.


More car pools should be formed in order to put fewer automobiles one the road and to use less gasoline. Parking is a great problem, and do is the traffic in and around cities. Too many cars are being driven. Something will have to be done about the use of cars.

1.Which of the following best expresses the main idea?
A) A growing number of Americans are doubtful about what high technology can do in solving the world's problems.
B) Many scientists are beginning to believe that the better understanding of human beings will pay a more decisive role in solving the world's problems.
C) More and more young scientists are trying their best to find new ways to solve the world's problems.
D) Technological creativity will still play a very important part in solving the world's problems.
2.In the passage "environmental difficulties"refers mainly to ________.
A) global food shortage
B) resources depletion(枯竭)
C) environmental pollution
D) population problems
3.From the passage we know that ________.
A) the development of present technologies can not provide any answers to today's problems
B) an increasing number of young scientists are taking a great interest in biological and social sciences
C) many people as well as scientists pay little attention to the limits of natural resources
D) many scientists argue that high technology is everything
4.Young scientists demand that in order to satisfy human needs ________.
A) existing products be improved
B) more complex machines and electronic equipment be designed
C) ways be found to produce better goods using fewer raw materials
D) any new invention and innovation be encouraged in technology
5.The author would probably agree with which of the following?
A) The environment crisis will not be solved unless we stop using all materials.
B) In scientific research, a higher priority should be given to understanding all living systems.
C) Exploration of outer space will finally lead to an improvement on human living conditions.
D) US high-technology companies are applauding this new turning point in scientific research.