Part 1 Reading Aloud(2.5 minutes)

In this part, there is a short text shown on the screen for you to read aloud.


  • First, you’ll have 1 minute to read the text silently for preparation.
  • Then, please read aloud the text once within 1 minute.
Text 1

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It’s a great pleasure to have you visit us today. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to introduce our company to you.
Our company was established in 1950. We mainly manufacture electronic goods and export them all over the world. We grossed about US $100 million last year, and our business is growing steadily. We have offices in Asia, North America and Europe, with about 1000 employees, and we are working gladly to serve the needs of our customers. In order to further develop our overseas market, we need reliable agents to promote our products.
I hope you will consider doing business with us. Thank you.

Text 2

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to call the conference to order. This is the conference on Quality and Productivity Improvement. We have a number of speakers, who will be presenting papers which will take about 15 minutes. We have five minutes for discussion on each paper, and then, if we have some time at the end, we are going to start a group discussion. But I do have something to apologize. The third speaker regrettably could not be here. We’ll take the papers in the order that you see them in the booklet, on page 100. Now we’ll go ahead with the papers and begin with the first which will be presented by Dr. Cheng Hua from China.
Dr. Cheng, please.

Text 3

Good afternoon, everybody,
Today I’ll give you a brief account of the development of telecommunication in Shanghai. In 1995, Shanghai became the first city in China to have 8-digit phone numbers. By the end of 1999, the total volume of the telephone switchboard exceeded 4.5 million sets, and private telephone lines topped over 3.5 million, while mobile phone numbers kept well over 300 thousand. At present, Shanghai has phone connections with more than 100 countries and regions. Shanghai also went ahead of all cities in China in the field of Internet development and Internet services. The future of Shanghai’s telecommunication industry is very promising.

Text 4

Guangzhou is a center of world commerce, the capital of Guangdong Province, and a city of rich cultural and historical heritage. According to a Chinese legend, during the reign of King Yi of the Zhou Dynasty, five immortal beings riding on five rams with wheat ears in mouths descended upon Guangzhou and left the wheat becoming the Five Ram Statue, a symbol of Guangzhou’s ancient heritage. Guangzhou was hence referred to as the City of Rams and the City of Wheat Ear. It played a role in Chinese history from an early time. During the Qin Dynasty, the general Zhao Tuo declared himself King of Southern Yue. Guangzhou has also been the center of Lingnan Culture, a sacred place for Chinese Buddhism, and a center for landscape art. It was also a hotbed of activity in China’s revolutions of the 20th century.

Text 5

We are very pleased to welcome President Dylan Thomas and Manager Benjamin Edward from the USA to Shanghai in the second half of November for a three days’ visit. During the 3days, we’ll have reception ceremony, meetings, lectures, group discussions, sightseeing, and farewell languet. As requested, we have proposed a schedule and itinerary for these three days’ activities. Please refer that to the handouts. If you have any inconveniences, please tell me right now.