Part I Listening Comprehension(15 minutes)

Directions: This part is to test your listening ability. It consists of 3 sections

Section A

1.A、I’m sorry.
   B、It’s my pleasure.
   C、Yes, I am.
   D、Yes, I do.
2.A、Not yet.
   B、Most of the time.
   C、Yes, I know.
   D、Please do.
3.A、Yes, I’d love to.
   B、At half past eight.
   C、Eight hours
   D、It’s early.
4.A、It’s terrible.
   B、No, thank you.
   C、Nothing serious.
   D、Yes, I have.
5.A、No, not yet.
   B、No, thanks.
   C、Yes, I do.
   D、Yes, I often go.

Section B
7.A、Buy a book.
   B、Meet him tomorrow.
   C、Go to Beijing.
   D、Book a ticket.
8.A、He’s kind.
   B、He’s careless.
   C、He’s serious.
   D、He’s polite.
9.A、They won’t go to the party.
   B、They won’t be late.
   C、They will be late.
   D、They will stay at home.
10.A、She wants to ask for help.
   B、She wants to work for the man.
   C、She doesn’t like the man.
   D、She doesn’t need his help.

Section C

Hello everyone. This is the captain (机长) speaking.(11)to Flight JK900 leaving for Chicago.
Our flight time today is 2 hours and 35 minutes, and we will be flying at an average altitude (高度) of 31,000 feet. The(12) in Chicago is a quarter past twelve (12:15), and the current weather is cloudy, but there is a chance of(13) later in the day. We will(14) at Gate 7 at the Chicago airport.
On behalf of our Airlines, I wish you an enjoyable(15) in Chicago .Sit back and enjoy the flight.

Part II Vocabulary and Structure (15 minutes)

Section A
There are 10 incomplete statements here. You are required to complete each statement by choosing the appropriate answer from the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

16.It suddenly occurred to me that we chould the police for help.
17._________ a wonderful trip he had when he traveled in China!
18.She gave up her __________ as a reporter at the age of 25.
19.She didn’t receive the application form; it _________ to the wrong address.
     B、be sent
     C、was sent
     D、being sent
20.Time_________ very fast and a new year will begin soon.
     A、takes off
     B、goes by
     C、pulls up
     D、gets along
21.I didn’t answer the phone _________ I didn’t hear it ring.
22.We’re going to _________ the task that we haven’t finished.
     A、take away
     B、carry on
     C、get into
     D、keep off
23.The general manager sat there, _________ to the report from each department.
     A、to listen
     C、being listened
24.In his report of the accident he _________ some important details.
25.It is necessary to find an engineer _________ has skills that meet your needs.

Section B
There are also 10 incomplete statements here. You should fill in each blank with the proper form of the word given in the brackets. Write the word or words in the corresponding space on the Answer Sheet.

26.It is reported that the sports meet was (successful) organized.
27. Some people think (much) about their rights than about their duties.
28.It is reported that foreign car sales in the country (rise) by8% last year.
29.The adviser recommended that Mary (start) the training program as soon as possible.
30.The job pays well and you get a 20-day holiday a year--it’s certainly an(attract) offer.
31.It (announce) yesterday that the game was to start in a week.
32.Because many people will come to the meeting, we need some (addition) chairs.
33.No reader is allowed (take) any reference book out of the reading-room.
34.The course is designed to provide a general introduction to computers and (practice) skills training.
35.We’ve only got one day in Paris, so we’d better (make) the best use of the time.

Part III Reading Comprehension (40 minutes)

Task 1
After reading the following passage, you will find 5 questions or unfinished statements, marked 36 to 40. For each question or statement there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should make the correct choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

Dear Ann:
I’m going to give a dinner party next month. I want my guests to enjoy themselves and to feel comfortable. W hat’s the secret of giving a successful party?

Dear Mary:
Cook something that would let you spend time with your guests. If a guest offers to help you in the kitchen, accept the offer. It often makes people feel more comfortable when they can help. Before serving dinner, while your guests make small talks in the living room, offer them drinks. Some guests may like wine, but make sure to provide soft drinks for people who don’t. At the dinner table, let your guests serve themselves. Offer them a second serving after they finish, but don’t ask more than once. Most guests will take more if you want. Perhaps the most important rule of all is to be natural. Treat your guests as you want them to treat you when you‘re in their home-that is, act naturally toward then, and don’t try too hard to be polite. Have a good time in a pleasant atmosphere.

36. According to the passage, most meals are not included in the price of tours mainly because_________.
A、meals make up a large part of the tour budget
B、meal prices vary a lot from place to place
C、people dislike menus offered by tour guides
D、people have different eating habits
37. We can learn from the passage that _________.
A、the hotels where you stay will offer you free breakfast
B、dining information can be obtained from your tour guides
C、you can have a complete choice of local dishes at the hotel
D、a full list of local restaurants can be found on the tour pages
38. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A、Tour guides are supposed to arrange dinner outside the hotel.
B、Tour guides’ recommendations on food are unreliable.
C、Tourists must have lunch in the hotels they stay in.
D、Tourists may taste local dishes during dinner time.
39. The word “down-to-earth”(Line 4, Para.3) most probably means _________.
40. Meals are included in the tour price in some places where __________.
A、restaurant choice may be limited
B、there are many nearby restaurants
C、delightful dishes are not served
D、food may be too expensive

Task 2
This task is the same as Task 1. The 5 questions or unfinished statements are numbered 41 to 45.

Subways are underground trains, which usually operate 24 hours a day. They are found in larger cities and usually run between the suburbs and the downtown area. Maps and schedules are available from the ticket office. If you take the subway often, you can save money by purchasing a monthly pass (月票).

City-operated buses run on various routes(线路)and are designed to be at certain places at certain times Maps and schedules may be posted at certain stops, all they may be available at local banks, libraries, the students union, or from the bus drivers. Buses run mainly during the day. Fare is paid by exact change in coins, or by monthly passes .

Taxis are generally more expensive in the United States than in other countries. If use a taxi, be sure you ask the amount of the fare before you agree to ride. The driver usually expects a tip (小费)of 15 percent of the fare.

41. According to the passage, Los Angeles is a city where _________.
A、there is no public transportation system
B、more money is spent on highways for cars
C、more money is spent on public transportation systems
D、public transportation is more developed than in other cities
42. “The city grew outward instead of upward” (Line 1, Para.2) means _________.
A、the city became more spread out instead of growing taller
B、there were fewer small houses than tall buildings
C、rapid development took place in the city center
D、many tall buildings could be found in the city.
43. According to the passage, if a city has several business districts, _________.
A、people won’t have to drive to work every day
B、there have to more roads and parking spaces
C、companies would be located in between the districts
D、there would be no need to build parking spaces within the districts
44. According to the growth pattern of Los Angeles, homes were mainly built _________.
A、in the city center
B、along the main roads
C、around business districts
D、within the business districts
45. The passage is mainly about ___________.
A、the construction of parking spaces in Los Angeles
B、the new growth pattern of the city of Los Angeles
C、the public transportation system in Los Angeles
D、the problem of traffic jams in Los Angeles

Task 3
The following is an advertisement. After reading it, you should complete the information by filling in the blanks marker 46 to 50 in not more than 3 words in the table below.

E-mail or call Tip Line(举报热线)
Have you seen a crime being committed (犯罪) on a bus, train, or near a bus stop, or train station? If you do, email us or call Tip Line.

Tip Line
If you would rather give your information by telephone, call the Police Tip Line at 612-349-7222. You can leave information anonymously (匿名地) or leave your name and phone number and an officer will call you back.

Call an officer
You can speak directly to any Police Department staff member who receives the call weekdays, 8:00 to 16:00. Call 612-349-7200.  

Contact the Chief
If you haven’t received any reply to your Tip Line information for half a day, directly call 612-349-7100 or email:chief@metrotransit.org

Report on a Crime
Use Tip Line
1. Tip Line number: 612-349-7222
2. Ways of reporting:
1) Give(46) anonymously;
2) Leave your name and telephone number, and wait for an officer to(47)

Call the Police Directly
1. Service time: weekdays,(48)
2. Telephone number:49)

Contact the Chief
1. Reason: receiving no reply to your Tip Line information for(50)
2. Telephone number: 612-349-7100
3. Email: chief@metrotransit.org 

Task 4
The following is a list of terms used in the waybill (详情单) of the Express Mail Service. After reading it, you are reruired to find the items equivalent to (与……等同) those given in Chinese in the table below. Then you should put the corresponding letters in the brackets on the Answer Sheet, numbered 51 through 55.

A ---- breeze
B ---- calm sea
C ---- clear up
D ---- dry
E ---- fog
F ---- heavy snow
G ---- high seas
H ---- light rain
I ---- partly cloudy
J ---- shower
K ---- southeast wind
L ---- storm
M ---- the highs
N ---- the lows
O ---- typhoon
P ---- wet
Q ---- windy

Example: (A) 微风      (O) 台风

51. 天气放晴           大雷
52. 最高温度           局部多云
53. 东南风            小雨
54. 有雾              海面大浪
55. 天气干燥           暴风雨

Task 5
Read the following two ads carefully. After reading them, you are required to complete the answers that follow the questions (No.56 to No.60). You should write your answer (in no more than 3 words) on the Answer Sheet correspondingly..


Personal Assistant To Sales Manager

We are a small but growing computer .We are looking for someone to assist the manager of the sales department in dealing with foreign customers and orders from abroad. If you know English well and have previous experience in this job, and between 21 and 30, please write us a short letter giving details of your previous jobs, current employment, etc. Some knowledge of Spanish and Italian would be an advantage.

  Write to:
    Soft Logic
    23 Alfred Street


Part-Time Drivers
King Country Metro is Hiring Part-Time Bus Drivers
Great Pay! Great Benefits!
Start at $14.50 an hour,
Plus paid vacation and sick leave, paid training
Must be 21 years or older, have a Washington State driver’s license
and acceptable driving record.
Call (202)648-1024
Or log on (登陆) to www.metrokc.gov/ohrm

56. In the first ad, which department in the company is seeking an assistant to its manager?
57. What is the major responsibility of the assistant manager?
Dealing with foreign customers and orders .
58. What is mentioned as an advantage for the application in Ad1?
Some knowledge of .
59.What is the age limit for the position of the part-time bus drivers in Ad2?
years or older.
60. What kind of drivers’ license should the candidates have in order to get the position?
They should have a driver’s license.

Part IV Translation English into Chinese (25 minutes)

Directions: This part, numbered 61 to 65, is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese. Each of the four sentences (NO. 61 to NO. 64) is followed by four choices of suggested Chinese translation marked A, B, C and D. Mark the best choice and write the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet. Write your translation of the paragraph (No. 65) in the corresponding space on the Translation / Composition Sheet.

61.Good managers can create an environment in which different opinions are valued and everyone works together for a common goal.
A) 大家一定要齐心协力地工作,创造一个良好的环境,发表各种不同看法。
B) 为了共同的目标,好经理应该尊重各种不同意见,与大家一起工作,创造良好的氛围。
C) 好经理能够创造一种氛围,让不同意见受到重视并且每个人都能为共同目标合作奋斗。
D) 为了共同的目标,好经理应该能够提出各种宝贵的意见,为大家创造良好的工作氛围。
62.We accept returns or exchanges within 30 days from the date of the purchase of these cell phones.
A) 手机从购买之日起30天内我们接受退换。
B) 手机在试用30天之后我们可允许退货。
C) 我们同意30天内可以购买手机,退货或更换。
D) 我们保证30天之内购买的手机,包退包换。
63.No matter how hard I tried to explain how to operate the machine, they were still at a loss.
A) 尽管我努力把机器开动了,他们还是觉得非常失望。
B) 无论我怎么努力地说明机器的用法,他们都不理解我。
C) 即使我努力地对机器做了解释,他们还是不相信我的话。
D) 不管我怎么努力地解释如何操作这台机器,他们依然听不懂。
64.This matter is so important that it should not be left in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer.
A) 如此重要的事情,没有经验的律师不敢接手。
B) 这件事事关重大,不能交给缺乏经验的律师来处理。
C) 这件事也很重要,不应让有经验的律师处理。
D) 这样重要的事情,没有经验的律师是不敢接手处理的。
65.If you want to get a driver’s license, you will have to apply at a driver’s license office. There you will be required to take a written test for driving in that area. You will also need to pass an eye test. If you need glasses, make sure you wear them. In addition, you must pass an actual driving test. If you fail the written or driving tests, you can take them again on another date.

Part V Writing (25 minutes)

Directions:This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required to write an email according to the information given below in Chinese. Remember to write the email on the Translation/Composition Sheet.

说明:假定你是Hongxia Trading Company 的雇员王东,给客户Mr. Baker发封电子邮件。

Words for Reference
机场大巴 shuttle bus
An E-mail
Dear Mr. Baker: