Part I Listening Comprehension(15 minutes)

Directions: This part is to test your listening ability. It consists of 3 sections

Section A

1.A、It’s open at 9 a.m.
   B、Sorry, I have no idea
   C、That’s all right
   D、Thank you.
2.A、She’s an English student.
   B、She’s interested in music.
   C、She’s a friend of mine.
   D、She’s tall with dark hair.
   B、I don’t think so.
   C、Oh, no.
   D、It doesn’t matter.
4.A、Sandwich and coffee.
   B、Beer, please.
   C、It’s my favorite food
   D、I don’t like the meal.
5.A、A good one.
   B、One dollar.
   C、Six times a year.
   D、In a book store.

Section B
6.A、His bag.
   B、His tape.
   C、His cap.
   D、His book.
7.A、It was wonderful.
   B、It was disappointing.
   C、It was boring.
   D、It was unusual.
8.A、Manager and secretary.
   B、Doctor and patient.
   C、Shop assistant and customer.
   D、Taxi driver and passenger.
9.A、At 1:40.
   B、At 1:50.
   C、At 2:00.
   D、At 3:50.
10.A、He was killed in an air crash.
   B、He was wounded in a fight.
   C、He was injured in an accident.
   D、He was burnt in a fire.

Section C

Tourism(旅游)was not always as important as it is today. In the past only (11)people could travel on vacation to other countries. But in (12)one person in ten visited a country away from home.

More people travel today because there is a(13)middle class in many parts of the world. People now have money for travel. Special airplane fares for tourists make travel (14)and thus more attractive than ever before. One person does not travel for the same reason as another. But most people(15)seeing countries that are different from their own. They also like to meet new people and try new foods.

Part II Vocabulary and Structure (15 minutes)

Section A
There are 10 incomplete statements here. You are required to complete each statement by choosing the appropriate answer from the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

16.---“How about having dinner at Sun Restaurant?” ---“ It _________ good.”
17.Seldom ______ my boss in such good mood(心情)since I came to work in this company .
     A、I saw
     B、I have been
     C、have I seen
     D、do I see
18.You’d better _______ the whole article at once.
     C、to copy
19.The machine will continue to make much noise _______ we have it repaired.
20.The manager told us never to _______ till tomorrow what we can do today.
     A、come up
     B、put off
     C、turn on
     D、give out
21.The children are getting more and more excited when Christmas is ________ near.
22.The old man has two daughters, ________ are doctors.
     A、both of them
     B、both of whom
     C、both who
     D、they both
23.If you travel in a foreign country, a tour ________ may save you a lot of trouble.
24.Dinner will be ready _______. Let’s go and wash our hands.
     A、at all
     B、at least
     C、just now
     D、right away
25.If you ________ smoking and drinking, you health will improve soon.
     A、gave up
     B、give up
     C、had given up
     D、will give up

Section B
There are also 10 incomplete statements here. You should fill in each blank with the proper form of the word given in the brackets. Write the word or words in the corresponding space on the Answer Sheet.

26.John is the (clever) student I have ever taught.
27.His suggestions turned out to be very(effect) in the improvement of our production.
28.Sixty people(employ) in this big factory last year.
29.It is difficult for a(foreign) to learn Chinese.
30.Both of the twin brothers(be) capable of doing technical work at present.
31.When Jenny came to Britain, she had to get used to(drive) on the left.
32.She is well-known for her excellent(achieve)in her career.
33.The chairman required that every speaker(limit) himself to fifteen minutes.
34.He is (confidence) even though he has failed several times.
35.No student is supposed(spend)so much money in school in a week.

Part III Reading Comprehension (40 minutes)

Task 1
After reading the following passage, you will find 5 questions or unfinished statements, marked 36 to 40. For each question or statement there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should make the correct choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

People today are still talking about the generation gap(代沟). Some parents complain that their children do not show them proper respect, while children complain that their parents do not understand them at all.

What has gone wrong? Why has the generation gap appeared?

One important cause is that young people want to choose their own life style. In more traditional societies, when children grow up, they are expected to live in the same area as their parents, to many people that their parents like, and often to continue the family occupation.

Parents often expect their children to do better than they do, to find better jobs, to make more money, and to do all the things that they were unable to do. Often, however, the high wishes that parents place on their children are another cause of the generation gap.

Finally, the high speed of social changes deepens the gap. In a traditional culture, people are valued for their wisdom, but in our society today the knowledge of lifetime may be out of use overnight(隔夜).

36. According to the passage, children today expect their parents to _________.
A、give them more independence
B、choose a good job for them
C、live together with them
D、make more money
37. Parents often hope that their children will ________.
A、make as much money as they do
B、be more successful than they are
C、choose jobs according to their own will
D、avoid doing what their parents can’t do
38. The generation gap has become wider than before because of ________.
A、the increasing dependence of children on parents
B、the influence of traditional culture on children
C、the rapid changes of modern society
D、the missing of lifelong occupation
39. In today’s society, the knowledge of a lifetime _________.
A、 is still very much valued
B、becomes out of date quickly
C、is essential for continuing family occupation
D、helps the young generation to find a better job
40. A proper title for this passage would be ____________.
A、Parents’ Viewpoints On Generation Gap
B、Relationship Between Family Members
C、Generation Gap Between the Young and the Old
D、Difference Between Traditional Culture and Modern Knowledge

Task 2
This task is the same as Task 1. The 5 questions or unfinished statements are numbered 41 to 45.

For some employers, the policy of lifelong employment is particularly important because it means that they can put money and effort into their staff(职员)training and make them loyal to the company. What they do is to select young people who have potential(潜能)and who can be trained. They then give the young people the kinds of skills that will make them suitable employees for the company. In other words, they adjust their training to their particular needs.

One recently employed graduate says that she is receiving a great deal of valuable training from the company. “This means that I will be a loyal employee,” she says, “And it also means that the company will want to keep me. I am an important investment for them. So the policy is a good one because it benefits both the employer and the employee.”

Recently, however, attitudes towards lifelong employment are beginning to change. Employees are slowly beginning to accept the idea that lifelong employment is not always in their best interest and that changing firms can have career advantages.

41. The purpose of lifelong employment is to __________.
A、adjust the needs of the company to its employees
B、make employees loyal to their company
C、select the best skilled young employees
D、keep the skilled staff satisfied
42. By training its employees, a company can make them _________.
A、do their work more easily
B、more interested in their work
C、willing to invest money into the country
D、posses the necessary qualities for the job
43. Talking about the training she has received, a recently employed graduate has the view that _________.
A、it is still well-received by all the staff members today
B、it is valuable to the employer and the employees
C、it is helpful for attracting young employees
D、it is both useful and interesting
44. Attitudes towards lifelong employment are changing because _________.
A、job changes have career advantages.
B、it’s boring to work in only one company.
C、only the employer benefits from such employment.
D、stable employment seldom offers better opportunities
45. The passage is mainly about ___________.
A、lifelong training of employees
B、policies of lifelong employment
C、attitudes towards lifelong employment
D、employers’ interest in lifelong employment

Task 3
The following is an advertisement. After reading it, you should complete the information by filling in the blanks marker 46 to 50 in not more than 3 words in the table below.

Over a million people visit Hawaii(夏威夷)each year because of its beautiful weather and wonderful scenery(景色). The Hawaiian islands have very mild temperatures. For example, August, the hottest month, average 78.4oF, while February, the coldest month, averages 71.9oF. In addition, the rainfall in Hawaii is not very heavy because mountains on the north of each island stop incoming storms; for instance, Honolulu averages only 23 inches of rain per year. This beautiful weather helps tourists to enjoy Hawaii’s wonderful natural scenery, from mountain waterfalls to fields of flowers and fruits. And Hawaii’s beautiful beaches are everywhere --- from the lovely Kona coast beaches on the large island of Hawaii to Waikiki Beach on Oahu. Warm sunshine and beautiful beaches --- it is not surprising that so many people visit Hawaii each year. Are you going to join us? Don’t miss the chance!

Famous for its: 1) (46) and2)(47)
Average Temperature: ranging from (48) to 78.4oF
Annual rainfall in Honolulu:(49)
Attractions for tourists:(50) and beautiful beaches

Task 4
The following is a list of terms frequently used in medical services. After reading it, you are required to find the items equivalent to (与……等同)those given in Chinese in the list below. Then you should put the corresponding letters in brackets on the Answer Sheet, numbered 51 through 55.
A--- answer phone
B--- burglar alarm
C--- date-stamp
D--- electronic display material
E--- headed paper
F--- office information system
G--- shorthand
H--- annual report
I--- registered delivery
J--- office automation
K--- time sheet
L--- computer package
M--- handbook
N--- waste basket
O--- card-index
P--- blueprint

Example: (B) 防盗报警器      (G) 速记

51. 年度报告         电子显示材料
52. 计算机程序包         邮戳日期
53. 办公自动化         废纸篓
54. 印有信头的信纸         录音电话
55. 挂号邮件         办公室信息系统

Task 5
There is an advertisement blow. After reading it, you are required to complete the statements that follow the questions (No. 56 to No. 60). You should write your answers in no more than 3 words on the Answer Sheet correspondingly.


YOUNG Italian girl, student, speaks English and French, seeks post in a school or family, giving lessons or looking after children. --- Write Box L. 1367, The Daily---, London, E.C. 4.

YOUNG man, once an officer, tired of uninteresting office work, is willing to go to any part of the world and to do anything legal; speaks several languages; drives all makes of cars; exciting work more important than salary. ---Write Box F. 238, The Daily ---, London, E. C.

MARRIED couple wanted Gardener; country house 2 miles from Oxford, good bus service; family three adults, five children; wages £ 9; comfortable rooms with central heating. --- Write Box S, 754. The Daily ---, London, E. C.

56. What kind of work is suitable for the Italian girl?
Teach classes or.
57. What foreign languages does the Italian girl know?
She knows.
58. Why is the young man tired of his office work?
Because it is .
59. What does the young man think of salary?
He thinks that salary is than exciting work.
60. What kind of helper are the married couple trying to find?
They are trying to find.

Part IV Translation English into Chinese (25 minutes)

Directions: This part, numbered 61 to 65, is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese. Each of the four sentences (NO. 61 to NO. 64) is followed by four choices of suggested Chinese translation marked A, B, C and D. Mark the best choice and write the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet. Write your translation of the paragraph (No. 65) in the corresponding space on the Translation / Composition Sheet.

61.This is rather for your father to decide than for you.
A) 这是你父亲的决定而不是你的决定。
B) 这取决于你父亲的决定而你不该决定。
C) 这这件事情得由你父亲决定而不是你来决定。
D) 这并不是为你而是为你的父亲才这样决定的。
62.Great changes in a country’s social structure have always caused stresses.
A) 一个国家社会阶层的重大变化总会带来压力。
B) 一个国家社会结构的压力总引起巨大的变化。
C) 一个国家社会结构的巨变总会导致紧张状态。
D) 一个国家社会阶层的重大变化总是很突然的。
63.Clothes worn only a few times have to be put aside because of the change of the fashion.
A) 衣服因为穿过几次就变得不时髦了。
B) 因为气候的改变,衣服几乎没穿就送人了。
C) 因为款式改变,衣服没怎么穿就送了。
D) 因为流行款式的改变,仅穿过几次的衣服也只好搁置在一边了。
64.Most of us, from earliest school days, have been told that daydreaming is a waste of time.
A) 我们大多数人从刚上学时就知道,空想就是浪费时间。
B) 我们中许多人在学校里很早就知道,白日做梦就是浪费时间。
C) 我们中大多数人在学校里早就知道,每天做梦都是浪费时间。
D) 我们绝大多数早上学的人都知道,上课时开小差是浪费时间。
65.Production Planner Wanted
Applicants for the post of Production Planner should be college graduates with at least two years’ work experience in production management. Being fluent in English and excellent at mathematics are essential. Applicants must have strong communication and team building skill. Our company offers good salary and other benefits. Please send a complete resume in English with one recent photo and expected salary to Post Office Box 67809, Hong Kong.

Part V Writing (25 minutes)

Directions:This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required to write a Letter of Application according to the following instructions given in Chinese. Remember to do your writing in no less than 60 words on the Translation/ Composition Sheet.
Words for reference:
技术学院 Technical College 
企业管理 Business Administration
速记与打字shorthand and typing