Unit One Communication Counts!

Task I

1. Listen to the tape. The speaker is talking about avoiding conversational mistakes. Can you list the four mistakes mentioned in the speech?
1).             2)..             3). .             4). .        

2.Listen again. What are the speaker’s suggestions for showing interest?
One way to show interest is by .
Among the mistakes mentioned above, which ones do you make frequently? Share your experience of making such mistakes.

Task Ⅱ

1. Prediction
Vivian is seeking feedback on her interview for promotion with her manager. Why didn’t she get promoted? Make a check in the appropriate box.
lack of confidence                ask too much      teamwork 
focus on individual work     too nervous         awareness of diversity
2. Listen to the tape and check your answer.
3. Listen again and decide if these sentences are true or false?


True or False

1. Vivian thought that her interview had gone very well.


2. The manager said that she looked smart for the interview.


3. The employee had only talked about her contributions in the interview

and not those of the rest of her team.

4. Vivian admitted that she answered the interview questions well.


5. The manager said that her openness with her colleagues was a strength.


4. Discussion
       Name at least two mistakes Vivian made during her promotion interview. If you were to give some suggestions to Vivian about how to improve her question-answering skills, what would they be?
    For example: listen to questions carefully, speak clearly, speak from experience and present it as evidence and so on.