English for Finance & Accounting Careers--Unit Six

Ⅰ.Following are the adjectives used to describe people in this unit, can you give more (at least 10) and tell the word formations? (10*2= 20)


Personality/ Quality

Ways of doing things




self motivated

1.ha     2.res      3.c         4.o      5.ef

6.rel       7.i      8.en        9.ho      10.f     11.k

Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of words given below. (10*2= 20).

require           responsibility        apply                 consideration      positive       

enclose          appreciate            qualification        major                contribution

1.Pleasetwo recommendation letters as well as your resume with your cover letter.
2.With all the academic knowledge and work experience, I think I am for the job.
3.When reading an ad, you’d better focus on the responsibilities and.
4.I’m a recent graduate in taxation.
5.Applicants should show a attitude in an interview.
6.It is essential for job hunters to talk about thehe can make to the company rather than what he can get from the company.
7.Don’t forget to show your to the interviewer at the end of the interview.
8.Remember to keep your resume and letter concise.
9.Pleaseme as one of the candidates for the position.
10.When I interned in the company, I wasfor providing all retail banking counter transactions to clients.

Ⅲ.Translate the following sentences into English according to the given sentence patterns.(12*5= 60)

1) If I were you, I would not wear so much jewelry.
2) I have worked for 2 years in this position after my graduation.
(2) 来面试前,我在用google搜索了有关贵公司的资料。
(3) 大学期间我已通过大学英语四级考试,所以我就是你们要找的人。
3) I’m sure you will have a chance of an interview.
(1) 我相信我能胜任这个工作。
(2) 我确信我是这个职位的最佳候选人.
(3) 我肯定会对贵公司做出积极贡献。
4) I would appreciate it very much if you could grant me with an interview.
(1) 如果您能把我作为候选人考虑,我将不胜感激。
(2) 如果您能在方便的时候早点回复我,我将非常感谢。