English for Finance & Accounting Careers--Unit Five

Ⅰ.“-tive” is a suffix meaning “having a tendency to do”, while “-able” means “able to be”. Attach the suffix to the given words and tell their meanings. (10*2= 20)

e.g : reflect--reflective      represent--representative       profit--profitablepay--payable
1.relate      2.support       3.compete .          4.alternate .    5.respect .

6.rely .        7.imagine .    8.demonstrate     9.respect .       10.suit .

Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of words given below. (10*2= 20).

tender            equal              statistic                 maintain         deliver

ensure           engage          demonstrate          represent       bid

1.Thisshould be submitted by June 29th.
2.The professor how the machine works in his class.
3.Blue-collar workers demandpay for equal work.
4.Mr. Gates was asked to a speech at the graduation ceremony.
5.Judges should not in business affairs that might affect their justice under Law.
6.Several companiesfor the contract to build the shopping center.
7.We should create a spending plan to financial health.
8.Our firm is in Korea by Mr. Hawkins.
9.Have you any official that would enforce your argument?
10.Part of my job is to good relationship with our suppliers.

Ⅲ.Translate the following sentences into English according to the given sentence patterns.(12*5= 60)

1) The two pie charts show the proportion of males and females who smoke.
(1) 该图表显示男性和女性在多种工作中的收入差异。
(3) 如下线型图描述了2007年1月到2009年6月间中国消费者物价指数(CPI)的变化。
2) What these figures indicate is that the bottom fifth of the population gets less than 4% of the total income.
(3)这些数字显示从2005年1月到2008年8月人民币和美元的兑换比率(exchange rate)在下降。
3) According to statistical information, the main reason for traveling abroad is holidays, business and visits to friends and relatives.
(2)统计情报显示,公司实力增强是我们中标(win the bidding)的主要原因。
4) The purpose of today’s presentation is to discuss how we can handle inter-company accounts.
(1) 今天开会的主要目的是向大家发布招标公告(invitation for bid)。
(2)今天报告的主要目的是讨论如何提高团队管理能力(team management)。