English for Finance & Accounting Careers--Unit Four

Ⅰ.“-ance/-ence” is a suffix meaning “the quality of the verb's action being performed or happening” while “-ant/-ent” means “performer of the action”. Attach the suffix to the given words and tell their meanings. (10*2= 20)

eg: reside --residence accept –acceptance assist—assistant account--accountant
1.participate     2.descend       3.apply          4.inhabit      5.serve

6.offend             7.insure            8.resist         9.exist          10.pretend

Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of words given below. (10*2= 20).

qualification             credit            drawn up           professional          debt  

account                     convert          invoice             balance                  sign

1.Currency and checking accounts do not need to beto anything else to be used as a medium of exchange. They are already the medium of exchange.
2.All theshow that business will get better.
3.A documentary draft is a draft accompanied by documents of title to goods. The draftby the exporter who also collects other necessary documents.
4.We must cut down expenses or we’ll be in .
5.Double-entry bookkeeping is a system by which each has two sides.
6.The number of accountinghas been on the increase since the 1980s.
7.I will have the supermarket issue a(n) for you.
8.Yes, here they are. These are my ID card, diploma, and certificate for accountant .
9.I have to check the of my account and withdraw some money.
10.I’ve checked the records and found that we have made a entry into your account.

Ⅲ.Translate the following sentences into English according to the given sentence patterns.(12*5= 60)

1) I will send you a standard form for you to fill out.
2)An account usually consists of three parts, with information going to their respective columns.
3) When creating a personal account, bear in mind that we need to make correct entry.
(1)在注册会员资格时, 要牢记我们应该准备好身份证和照片。
4) Would you please fill out this application form so that we can start the arrangement?.