English for Finance & Accounting Careers--Unit Three

Ⅰ.1. “-ment” and “-tion” are two suffixes to form nouns. Write down the noun forms of the given words by attaching the suffixes. (10*2= 20)

e.g: improve -- improvement public--publication operate-- operation prepare--preparation
1. manage.       2. graduate      3. recruit.      4. invite.         5. employ.

6. transport     7. arrange        8. relate.        9. appoint      10. transform.

Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of words given below. (10*2= 20).

appoint                 efficient               essential               fundamentally        improve

occasion               preoccupy            productivity          regardless             superior
1.My boss isto me in many aspects.
2.As a graduate majoring in accounting, I want to my financial planning ability most.
3.Usually Peter goes home right after work, butit is very late when he arrives home.
4. Sorry, I cannot have a meeting with you now, because I have a(n) with Mary.
5.At the meeting something seems to be her all the time.
6.Teamwork isto the success of a team project.
7.The boss planned to defeat the rival expense.
8.Work is a key question to many employees.
9.Most companies pursue higher and lower cost.
10.What the boss said was correct though it sounded unacceptable.

Ⅲ.Translate the following sentences into English according to the given sentence patterns.(12*5= 60)

1) 1)The first step in managing up is to develop a positive relationship with your boss.
(1) 拨打商务电话的第一步就是要先想清楚自己在电话中所要谈论的所有事务。
(3) 商务会谈的第一步就是先要准确了解对方公司的需求。
2) In your relationship with your boss you will sometimes disagree and occasionally experience an emotional reaction.
(3)贵宾来访时, 公司有时会要求员工着装整齐,偶尔还会要求穿职业装。
3) Conflicts at work arise not from something that was said, but from something that wasn’t said!
4) Mediation involves a neutral third party who has been trained in mediation principles, who is experienced in mediation, and who is trusted by the people involved in the conflict.
(1) 同事是我们生命中的朋友。他们与我们一起工作,一起生活,一起经历成功和失败。