English for Finance & Accounting Careers --  Unit One

Ⅰ.“com-” and “con-” are prefixes that mean “with” or “together.” Attach the prefix to the given words and tell their meanings.(10*2= 20)

1. municate.        2. cise .                   3. fort.          4. pel.          5. tract.

6. fuse.                 7. versation.          8. mit.         9. vey.       10. plex.

Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of words given below. (10*2= 20).

attentive         communicate         concise          involve           misinterpretation    

facilitate         hesitation               vague             subtle             hostility

1.His frequent annoyed the audience.
2.I gave a/an  answer about this.
3.is a common problem when using statistical information.
4. The speaker likes to have a/an audience.
5.She is so that I can never understand what she is trying to say.
6.skills are essential for today's workforce.
7.There is open between the two leaders.
8.A device, such as a saw, used to manual or mechanical work.
9.These nonverbal speech sounds provide but powerful clues into what we really mean.
10.Body language the message given by how one's body is moving.

Ⅲ.Translate the following sentences into English according to the given sentence patterns.(12*5= 60)

1) The financial crisis is likely to test most developing economies.
(1) 在可预见的将来英语很可能仍是全世界最重要的语言之一。
(3) 如果交谈者疲惫,痛苦或有其他身体不舒服,沟通很可能不太有效。
2) Body language refers to the kinds of cultural differences in the ways in which people use their bodies.
3) When listening, I tend to be distracted by things going on around me.
4) E-mail is perceived as a functional communication media.
(1) 研究认为触摸是亲密、热情、喜爱和同情的标志。