A great part to the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way .(Adams Franklin , American humorist )

(美国幽默作家 富兰克林. A.)


招聘广告 Recruiting Advertisement

1. 英语招聘广告的组成:
1) The name of the recruiting unit (招聘单位名称)
AT& T China Inc. Guangzhou Office
美国电话电报 (中国)公司广州办事处
IBM South China Branch
IBM 公司华南分公司
Siemens ACG Representation South China
Southern China (Aust) Pty. Limited
2)The brief introduction to the recruiting unit (单位简介)
We are a leading international manufacturer and marketer of premium quality consumer goods based in Europe. We will be establishing our first representative office in Guangzhou and commencing its operation in November at White Swan Hotel.
3)The job titles being offered (招聘职位)
Position: secretary
Job Opportunities: Typist & Office clerk
Personnel Supervisor (Ref. 001)
Quality Controller (Ref. 002)
Electric Engineer (Ref. 003)
Mechanical Engineer (Ref. 004)
Job Responsibilities
-Ref. 001
-Ref. 002
-Ref. 003
-Ref. 004
4) The job responsibilities (工作的职责)
Support manufacturing operation
Ensure equipment in operational condition
Proper setting up of equipment
5)The qualifications for application (应聘资格)
University graduate majored in accounting
2-5 years’ accounting experience
Computer skills
Excellent written and spoken English
6)The remuneration being offered (提供的待遇)
Salary will be RMB 2,000 for department manager and RMB 1,700 for merchandiser.
We offer:
——Attractive salary & benefit
——Excellent career prospects to the right candidates
——Training opportunities abroad
7)The way of application (应聘的方法)
Please apply with a full English resume, a recent photo, a copy of ID card to :
4/F Ling Nan Hotel, No. 18, Zhan Qian Heng Rd, Guangzhou, P.O. Code: 5100100
2. 英语招聘广告的特点:
1) 大量使用省略句
A. 省略主语
--Attain marking objectives assigned for a sales territory
--Develop and implement the account plan to meet the assigned objectives
--Have university degree
--Have good command of written and spoken English
B. 省略动词
u Some computer knowledge (is) required
u Experience in banking or industry (is) preferred
u Fluency in English (is) a must
2) 大量使用各种短语
A. 名词短语
University degree in either Mechanical, Civil or Electrical engineering.
Experience in supervision of civil construction or project
At least 4 years’ working experience in similar position
B. 形容词短语
Strong ambition and determination and strong leadership skills
Willing to travel in the future within and outside of China
Excellent written and spoken English, computer knowledge
Flexible for the working hour
C. 介词短语
-- Under 40 years old
-- With technical oriented educational background, preferably food chemical or mechanical engineering
--With an age above thirty
--With strong ambition
D. 不定式短语
n To prepare product registration applications and other related government documents
n To interact with government agencies and work with them on regulatory issues and regulatory issues and regulation development
n To conduct clinical studies and medical affair-related functions
3) 使用祈使句
这种句型经常用在应聘方法和求职信中以示礼貌,所以常常加 “Please (Pls)”.
Please send a full English resume and a recent photo to …
Pls forward resume. Recent photo ad ID card copy to …
Please fax your CV to 020-6621936.
3. 英语招聘广告常用语:
Key words and expressions in recruiting ads
prerequisite n.(应聘者应该满足的)先决条件,资质
job description:(工作)职责描述
sales manager 销售经理
secretary wanted 招聘秘书
accountants needed immediately 急聘会计人员
responsible and energetic 责任心强且精力旺盛
attractive salary and benefit 优厚的工资和待遇
overseas training opportunity 国外培训的机会
… is a plus/…preferred/...is value-added/…will be preferable/…will be an advantage:(某种特点)更好、更受欢迎.
…is a must必须满足的条件
PC literate/computer literate:具有计算机的(基本)应用能力的
team spirit:团队精神team oriented:具有团队精神的 good interpersonal skills/superior interpersonal communication skill:良好人际交往能力 highly-motivated:具有主动性的、积极主动的
long term career view/perspective/goal:长远的职业目标
career development/career progression:职业发展
personal and professional development:个人与职业发展
introductory training:入门训练
Performance-based Promotion:基于绩效的提升
mentor n.(新员工的)顾问、指导
mentorship program:为新员工提供顾问与指导的项目.
recruiting process:招聘流程
interview invitation /invitation for 1st round interview:(第1轮)面试邀请
offer letter:聘用通知
negative reply:拒绝信
educational and professional background:教育与职业背景
outstanding academic credential/performance= academic excellence = strong academic record:成绩优秀
business degree and background:商务学位及背景
practitioner n.从业人员 e.g. a medical/consulting practitioner
Telephone inquiry or personal visit will not be received电话查询或与个人拜访都不会被接待。
a truly people-focused firm:以人为本的、重视人才的公司
Please indicate the Job Code in the Subject of the email.
Please send your resume only in plain text
Please write/paste all words in body of email, DO NOT attach any files.
Please apply with a full English resume, a recent photo to … 有意者请将详尽的英文简历、近照一张寄…
4. 英语招聘广告常见缩略语
 bus business 商业、生意
   mgr manager 经理
   clk clerk (办公室)职员
   m-f monday-friday 从周一到周五
   co company 公司
   mo month 月
   coll college 大专(学历)
   nec necessary 必要的
   comm commission 佣金
   oppty opportunity 机会
   corp cororation (有限)公司
   ot overtime 超时
   data pro data processing 数据处理
   perm permanent 永久性的
   dept department 部
   pls please 请
   dir director 董事
   admim administrative 行政的
   Jr junior 初级
   ad/adv advertising 广告
  agcy agency 经销商
   knowl knowledge 知识
   appt appointment 约会、预约
   loc location 位置、场所
   asst assistant 助理
   Lv/lvl level 级/层
   attn attention 给, 与…联系
   mach machine 机器
   bkgd background 背景
   manuf/mf manufacturing 制造
   bldg building 建筑物、大楼
   mech mechanic 机械的
   pos position 职位
   div division 分工、部门
   pref preference (有经验者)优先
   eqpt equipment 装备
   prev previous 有先前(经验)
   etc and so on 等等
   P/T part time 非全日制
   eves evenings 晚上
   refs references 推荐信
   exc excellent 很好的
   rel reliable 可靠的
   exp experience 经验
   reps Representative (销售)代表
   exp’d experienced 有经验的
   req required 需要
   ext extension 延伸、扩展
   sal salary 工资
   fr. ben fringe benefits 额外福利
   secty secretary 秘书
   F/T full time 全日制
   sh shorthand 人手不足
   gd good 好
   sr senior 资深
   grad graduate 毕业
   stdnt student 学生
   hosp hospital 医院
   stmts statements 报告
   hqtrs headquarters 总部
   tech technical 技术上
   hr hour 小时
   tel/ph telphone 电话
   hrly hourly 每小时
   temp temporarily 临时性(工作)
   HS high school 高中(学历)
   trans transportation 交通
   immed immediate 立即
   trnee trainee 实习生
   incl including 包括
   typ typing/typist 打字/打字员
   ind industrial 工业的
   wk week/work 周/工作
   inexp inexperienced 无经验的
   Wpm words per minute 打字/每分钟
   int’l international 国际性的
   yr(s) Year(s) 年
5. 英文招聘广告实例及阅读:
Samples of Recruiting Advertisements

Wanted(诚聘) Project Management Assistant

---- Provide services for the project in Chongqing.
---- Provide assistance to the project manager for everyday work.
---- Responsible for file management, customer service for students and parents
----College degree or above
----Good English and computer skills.
----Related work experience in international organizations.
----Patient, careful, supportive. Has strong team work spirit.
Sample One

Sample Two


Minimum 3 years commercial experience in Internet Sales.
Good level of English (both spoken and written)
Result driven and able to work under pressure.
Good communication skills and team spirit.
An excellent career opportunity in a fast growing company. Please send your detailed resume (English and Chinese) including career history, present and expected salary as well as a photo to
Shang Hai Jingshan Corporation Ltd.www.amonic.com

Sample Three
Ad Title: Urgent recruitment Sales Executive Sr sales Executive
Date & Time Listed: 2009-11-17 06:13:50 (GMT)
Type of Ad: Employer offering a job position
Ad Details:
We have some urgent recruitment drive where we are looking at candidate who have interest towards SALES
Job Location: Hyderabad
Desired Experience: 0-2 Years
Desired Qualification: Any Graduate
Company: MNC Banking
Designation: Sales Executive/ Sr sales Executive
Skills: Marketing & Sales
Salary: 1 to 2 LPA
Job Description:
1. Source savings & current account from field.
2. Conduct promotional activities in market.
3. Mapping the area allocated.
Rounds of interview: 2
Interested candidates can walk-in for the interview with their updated resume.
Walk-In Date: On any weekdays - 16th to 27th November 2009 - Between 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Carry to copies of CV along with you
* Please follow the timings strictly.
Contact- BHARTI
4th Floor, 3 Cube Towers,
Whitefield Road, Kondapur,
Hyderabad - 500 084 A.P.

6. Practice:
1) Pair-work: Discuss with your partner and finish the task
Directions: The following is an advertisement of Pepsi Co.
China Co. Ltd, please translate it into English according to the information given
in Chinese.
具备使用Windows, Excel 等操作技能
应聘者须将中、英文 详细的简历、电话号码及地址寄至:
人事部收 邮编510730
PepsiCo (China) Co. Ltd. is an owned foreign enterprise. Thanks to our steadily growing business in China, we now invite capable person for the following position:
Quality Engineer / Manufacturing Engineer
About 30 years old
University graduate in Mechanical Engineering,
Automation Engineer
2-3 years relevant working experience in Quality or
Manufacturing environment, experience in joint venture
Having knowledge in Quality System
Applicants must have good oral and written English,
be willing to travel
Having operating skills in using Windows and Excel
Applicants should send your full resumes both in Chinese and English, telephone number and address to:
Personnel Department, PepsiCo (China) Co. Ltd
Guangzhou Economic & Technical Development District, Guangzhou 510730
2) Homework: Group-work: Choose one ad which your group prefer and translate it into English. Then design the ad for your Group.
广告1: 难得的机遇
地址:126 Prospect Hall Road
Mississauga, Ontario
广告2: 诚聘生产工艺师/绘图员
地址:2020 Harvard Avenue
Halifax Nova Scotia B3M 2R7